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Plan Ahead Immortal Plastic Surgery

7 Sep

Once upon a time gubernatorial candidate and charming hubby of the ailing 93 year old Zsa Zsa Gabor (who’s been in and out of the hospital since her July hip break she suffered in the couple’s Bev Hills casa), Prince Frederic von Anhalt, wants to immortalize his wife’s body via plastination after she dies. He hopes anatomist Gunther von Hagens, the puppetmaster behind controversial Body Worlds exhibitions, will do the deed. “My wife has always dreamed that her beauty would be immortal.” He wants to capture her in the context of one of her famous movie scenes. Gabor’s film credits includes appearances in movies such as 1952’s “Moulin Rouge” and Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil” in 1958.

You give new meaning to the phrase “plastic surgery” and real hubster love (of PR) and beauty adoration, von Anhalt. So great to be loved not for what you look like…ever after.

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